Friday, May 30, 2008

The Dastrup Family As Now Constituted

Dr. Travis (chief resident eye toucher and Wii golfer extraordinaire) Emily (mother of three (that's three folks) panini master and still the boss of you) Anna (reader at a 7th grade level and raiser of fish, loud) Michael (chessmaster and presser of buttons (whether real or Anna's) loud) Sarah (possessor of hair most dark) Bubbles (one and still alive!)

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LW said...

Beautiful family photo!! I have been trying to track down Travis and family since we lost touch in 2004...last seen in New York at Columbia! Would you mind passing my email address onto them and let them know the Wilson's would really like to reconnect? I would very much appreciate that! You are a fantastic photographer, by the way! - Lynniece Wilson,