Thursday, January 15, 2009


My apologies to the two of you who check back here for new images. Aaron's computer is in a smoldering pile on his office floor and mocking him even as he types this on his wife's computer (like an animal). New parts are slowly making their way here and by next week the new computer should be up and running. The backlog of photos has now reached 50gb and while I'm laughing on the inside, the tears are real.


Kip said...

So sorry about your computer, Aaron. It must be driving you crazy to be without a machine for so long.

Tom said...

That is pretty rough, I'm sorry to hear you're without a machine. At least now you'll get a new one, albeit it's never good to be forced to do something like that.

Mike said...

Personally, I love it when you have to upgrade.
That PSU is actually quieter than the old one, btw.