Thursday, March 05, 2009

beards tickle

iso 2000, 66mm, f/2.8, 1/80

photo by adam
vitamins and minerals by aaron
beard by jed


Anonymous said...

nice image! the smile and the eyes are just beautiful!

The Stevens said...

I like the lighting and the baby's expression. so sweet.

How are you shooting at such high iso? I shot a basketball game for a friend last night at iso 600 and all of the pictures came back so grainy I wanted to delete them all immediately.
I use a Nikon d300 which is supposed to have high iso capabilities. And I don't consider 600 to be high at all.
Maybe you can help me out?

Aaron said...

Thanks. This shot was taken with a D700, which is full frame. The D300 has good high iso for a crop frame but it wouldn't be fair to compare the two. The trick to high iso shooting is to not under expose the shot as that greatly increases the visible noise and then to get really good at removing noise with a plug-in like Noise Ninja. In the end though, the real secret to my high iso success in just the D700.

The Stevens said...

Thank you!