Friday, January 20, 2006

CES Report: Best In Show for less than 50 Grand - Brurmester B99

For $47k you can own the Burnmester B99 loudspeakers and you will hear every record in your collection again for the first time. The first song Jim and I heard on these monolithic masterpeices was Bob Dylan's Man In The Long Black Coat from his lovely album 'Oh Mercy'. Hearing that track prompted me, upon returning home, to immediately pull my SACD player from storage and hear that song again in full resolution. That is was a fine 2 channel rig should do, make you hear and feel the music. These speakers gave me a once in a lifetime experience...I wept at the pure beauty of Bob Dylan's voice. The Burmester room was a very emotional musical experience and was, on it's own, worth the trip to Las Vegas. Posted by Picasa

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