Friday, January 20, 2006

CES Report: Best Speaker For The Money - The Silverline Prelude

This is the speaker that sticks in my mind as a valid 'maybe someday'. When Jim and I walked into this room a string quartet was filling the room with suprising weight and presence. You could feel the double bass, it was just lovely! But we couldn't figure out which speakers we were hearing! Jim was trying to convince me it was the Dynaudio driver clad SR17.5's but I wasn't buying it...too much rich midbass, I was guessing the La Folia's. We were, of course both wrong (though Jim was much closer, as usual). We were hearing the Prelude's. No Dynaudio here, these drivers were designed by the man showing the speakers and he was thrilled by our enthusiasm for these shocking bargains. I really want to hear these speakers again in my own listening room.

When Jim buys them I'll head straight to his house... Posted by Picasa

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