Monday, April 10, 2006

System Error

For the two of you who check back here, an update: my computer has gone the way of all expensive things that I ever a pile of circuit boards on the floor. As the unwieldy digital library of photos, music and video (and the backup of all of that) creeps up over 2 TBs the method in which I store and backup everything needed to be brought into the late 90's. Turns out just stringing a bunch of external drives together with USB hubs is dangerous and stupid (who knew?) and now that I've lost 4 of them to failure it's becoming expensive too. So we're moving the desktop up to a type 1 RAID array. Which is college talk for "you'll have to buy a whole new rig."

We may be up and running tomorrow, but I'm guessing Wednsday or Thursday. My ulcer will be gone a year from now.

Much love!

Fat Daddy

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